Rick Wakeman

Considered to be the best rock keyboardist of all time, Rick has enjoyed success as member of the progressive rock band YES and with his solo career.

Rick Wakeman is one of the all-time great keyboardists, best known for his work with prog rock band Yes. He has also enjoyed a very successful and experimental solo career and was a session musician on a number of high profile recordings, perhaps most famously playing on Space Oddity and Life On Mars? for David Bowie and Morning Has Broken for Cat Stevens.

Wakeman’s solo career launched to widespread acclaim with the concept albums The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1973), Journey To The Centre of the Earth (1974) and The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table (1975) and continues to the present day. Rick began his association with President Records in 1985 with the album Silent Nights and the company is proud to represent a majority of the works released by him since. Silent Nights was followed by the bestselling Live at Hammersmith and the combination between artist and company would go on to be repeated more than twenty times. During his time with President, Rick has explored a variety of different styles and genres ranging from acoustic piano to rock extravaganza to ambient, yielding such fan favourites as Country Airs, Zodiaque (with Tony Fernandez), Time Machine and The Seven Wonders of The World.

The President label is also home to the recordings of Rick’s sons, Adam and Oliver, who have become highly respected musicians in their own right. Adam’s solo albums – Soliloquy, 100 Years Overtime and Real World Trilogy – were all President releases, as was Oliver’s Purification by Sound and Adam’s various collaborations with Rick, which include Tapestries, No Expense Spared and Romance of the Victorian Age.